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Welcome to the Citrus Belt USBC Association website. 
Our mission is to promote the sport of bowling and serve our members.

On this website you will find information about upcoming Citrus Belt tournaments, meetings, various bowling centers in the area, sport bowling, youth programs, and association information, as well as links to various other useful websites.  We are here to serve you, the bowler!  Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us if you need information and cannot find it here.  Good luck and good bowling!

Click  HERE  to go the USBC website for more information on 
"A Future For The Sport" including the Executive Director's Five Priorities

Five priorities for USBC
USBC celebrates its 10th birthday in 2015.

The organization has experienced much change over the last decade and, not unlike the birthday of any 10-year-old, USBC certainly will see additional opportunities to be more successful, find new challenges to overcome and A Future for the Sport to build.

USBC has spent the last year scrutinizing its business practices and USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy discusses the five priorities that will be the focus of USBC during the next three to five years.


Entry Forms/Rules now available for tournaments:
OPEN DOUBLES (July-Aug)).  
Use "Tournaments" tab, above, to navigate 
to specific tournament page.

USBC has discontinued most game/series awards in 2014-2015 
Citrus Belt now provides several game/series achievement awards in addition to Clean Game, Clean Series, Stair Step Series, All Spare Game, and others.  See Forms page.

President's Message

We have worked hard to make the organization run smoothly and tried to make our tournaments and events enjoyable for all.  As a volunteer organization, we welcome anyone willing to give us their time, expertise, and energy.  If you enjoy bowling and are interested in joining or working with our board to make the game enjoyable for others, please contact our office or me directly.

Mike Raddeman (909-227-4636)


Association Manager's Message

Citrus Belt Association thanks you, the bowlers, for your dedication to the sport of bowling.  From the support of our tournaments, to the donations towards our Veterans, BVL, Citrus Belt was # 1 at the National level of USBC and #1 in the State of California USBC donating over $23,002.00.  This is an honor to have this support from you, the bowlers.  Thus, this is a special recognition for the association to honor those serving this country to keep us free.  Therefore, without your support we would not be able to achieve this.  Please mark your calendar, to bowl in the singles BVL tournament each December  The winner of each division will advance to the state level.  Also, refer to the calendar for all other upcoming events and tournaments.

          On behalf of the association, you as members have made the sport of bowling a competitive and a favorite pastime.  Please do not hesitate to visit us on our web site,, Facebook, or the office in San Bernardino.  We enjoy hearing from you.  Again, thanks to you as members of this Association for supporting the sport of bowling and continuing the success of the Association.

Respectfully, Elise M. Hamner (909-381-4599)


Association Manager:  Elise Hamner

Office Staff:  Penny Johnson, Stephanie Edwards-White, Volunteers

Citrus Belt USBC Association is a merged association under the jurisdiction of the United States Bowling Congress.

       Last Updated:  07/29/2015                             


Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., closed Fri-Sat-Sun and major holidays
667 West 2nd Street - San Bernardino CA 92410-3205 * 909-381-4599, fax 909-381-4884
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